Thermal Power Stations

Fields of activity



Reducing environmental impact and maximizing the efficiency are two main aspects in designing and managing thermoelectric power plants. Two modalities that cannot be disregarded to reach these targets are rationalization and energy saving. Our company with more than a 75 years old historical background in energy saving through heat recovery boasts without any doubt the experience and the knowhow necessary to propose the most suitable and advanced solutions.


The need to increase efficiencies, the more severe environmental rules, the Iimited resources push more and more to put in front stage retrofitting and revamping of existing plants. Our company can surely be protagonist in proposing reliable and experienced solutions, in studying alternative answers, in executing feasibility studies based on proven experiences and not abstract; and in producing plants and systems which are fit to exploit at maximum the existing resources even if restricted.


Heat transfer is the main factor for the design of any thermal power production plant. The deep knowledge and a sure manufacturing experience permit us to obtain the best results. Through the optimization of calculation techniques, the improvement of studies and experimental research, the use of the best fabrication features, the analysis of data come back from thousands of plant realized by us, we are able to single out the most suitable solution to obtain the maximal efficiency in heat transfer.


The experience reached in more than 75 years of activity in energy saving enables us to design and manufacture with up-to-date and highly reliable features all the equipments quoted in the list here below.

Our company is also able to carry out an entire specific system of energy saving or heat transfer by starting from feasibility studies up to the handling of deliveries, including also detailed engineering, calculations, development of drawings, fabrication, quality assurance and supervision of erection.