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Systems For Marine Industry


In order to navigate in conditions of perfect efficiency, safety and to gain maximal profit each type of ship requires also variety of plants and systems for the heat transfer as well as specific systems for energy saving. Moreover, the improvement and revamping of existing plants in addition to process optimization are of vital need.


Each ship can be seen as a "closed" system that in navigation needs a whole series of equipment that provides for the needs of the very same system. For example the propulsion machinery is not sufficient for this system, because there exists also the need of thermical and electrical auxiliary energy for the service on board; consequently energy saving is a primary target to be continuously pursued. Our company is deeply involved in the field of energy conservation and operates actively for this purpose by using its own special know-how.


The heat transfer process finds some very important applications in the field of naval industry. Our company realizes heat transfer plants and systems on the basis of applied standard and advanced engineering using its specialized know-how and its own patents.


Nowadays special attention must be paid by the naval industry also to the target of the optimization of existing plants, keeping always in mind the increase of efficiency and the cutting down of expenses for the energy producing processes. In order to reach this important aim, we design and manifacture specialized types of equipment or systems that provide a high level of operating reliability.


As a result of our vast experience and efficiency we are able to offer engineering and design services of high quality and up to date technology for all types of equipment. We are able to manage a complete specific sistem of energy saving or heat transfer beginning from feasibility studies up to the supervision of the assembling and the handling of deliveries, including also the detailed design, engineering, development of drawings and quality assurance.