Equipments and Systems


  • Suitable for any type of diesel engines
  • At service of any type of fired heater
  • For diesel electric power station

Exhaust gas boilers produce steam by using the sensible heat of the exhaust gases of marine diesel engines, thus saving thermal energy that otherwise would get lost.
The exhaust gases, by passing through the steaming banks, give up heat and afterwards are sent to the funnel at lower temperatures.
Where it is necessary, the exhaust gas boiler can be equipped with an economizer and with a superheater: the first one is fit to preheat feed water, thus increasing heat recovery, the second one is used when superheated steam is required.

The exhaust gases of diesel engines still contain thermal energy that is superior to 30% of the total heating value of the fuel.
The temperatures of the exhaust gases vary from 270°C to 320°C for slow two stroke engines, and from 350°C to 480°C for medium speed four stroke engines.
Therefore it seems extremely necessary and important to recover this residual energy by using exhaust gas boilers that have been developed especially for the continuous and heavy service on motorships.
The steam amount produced by the exhaust gases of a diesel engine in particular depends on steam pressure.
The ratio of steam output to engine power output may be evaluated from 0,1 to 0,3 Kg/h per KW.